Supplies Included

On hand in the kitchen
  • paper supplies: plates, napkins, silverware, paper towel, toilet paper
  • Re-usable supplies: glass plates, coffee cups, glasses, silverware
  • Various knives
  • stove
  • refrigerator with water and ice
  • microwave
  • dish soap, scrubber, drainer
  • kitchen hand towels, washcloths
  • various pots and pans
  • kitchen timer
  • crock pot
  • coffee pot (we have regular coffee and filters on hand for guest use)
  • Keurig machine (bring your own favorites.)
  • spatulas, serving spoons, etc.
  • wine opener
  • can opener
  • salt, pepper, basic spices.
  • The fridge usually has the basics like butter, ketchup, etc.
On Hand in the Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  • alarm clocks
  • trash cans
  • hand towels
  • towels
  • washcloths
  • all bedding including, sheets, fluffy down comforter and  two pillows per bed
  • step stools (under each bed) for the vertically challenged
  • luggage stands (Stored on hooks in two locations in the halls)
  • Nightlights are available in most rooms. (check drawers if they are not out.)
  • reading lights on each bed
  • Kleenex
  • Toilet Paper
  • Air Freshener
  • extra towels
On hand in the Craft Room
  • mini trash cans at each table
  • clip on drink holders with tiny trash attachment
  • multiple outlets with power strips to accommodate multiple items at the tables
  • Cutting table with large healing measuring mat
  • ironing board
  • iron
  • We have really good lighting. We spent a lot of money to ensure that our crop room was bright and shiny. You should not need extra lights. (I know at a lot of places you do)
  • Temperpedic adjustible chairs. We didn't hold back when we purchased these. They are fully adjustable and extremely comforable.
Heat/Air Conditioning
Our retreat has new furnaces and air conditioners. They run on separate zones to keep the rooms and the crop room at comfortable temperatures. We try to please the majority of our guests. We can have 2 women in the same room and one is hot and the other is cold. (we all have that friend....) If you are a person that warm is 76 degrees, bring a sweatshirt. If you keep your house at 62 degrees, you might not want to pack flannel pajamas. We do not get too many complaints about our happy medium temperature, but just a reminder that even in the summer if you tend to run a little cold, you might need that sweatshirt.
Please don't "take home" our retreat amenities....
We are surprised that we should have to note this, but alas, we have found it necessary. We overstock our amenities such as toilet paper and trash bags, so you don't run out. We want you to be comfortable and to want for nothing when you stay with us. If when you leave you take home our drink holders, all the coffee, all the coffee filters, all the paper supplies, the crock pots, the irons, etc.....we need to repurchase these items for future guests. We are not including all of these items in the price you are paying. I promise that we do not charge each person for 7 rolls of toilet paper. If we are constantly replacing such things, then our prices would need go up. Which of course, nobody wants. We appreciate your help in this matter. By doing so it will allow us to maintain our fully stocked retreat for a wonderful price.