Employment Opportunities
Would you like to work at Inspiration Station?

To apply at Inspiration Station please submit a resume. You should include at least two photos of completed craft items that you created on your own.

You can drop your resume off in person, email it as an attachment to admin@ovidscrapbooking.com, mail it to 111 S. Main St, PO Box 257, Ovid, MI 48866 or fax it to 989-834-5180.

We currently employ:
-Weekly retreat cleaners 
Hourly wage to change sheets, drop off laundry, and clean retreat after use. No scrapbooking or cardmaking experience required. Hours would vary, but would be based on retreat stays. Quite often we have guests checking out at 3pm on Sunday and checking in on 11am Monday. This can also occur on Thursdays if guests are checking out  and new are arriving on Friday morning.
-Shipping Staff
Hourly wage to pack and ship orders for our online stores. This is a unique position for someone who likes to work for a few hours a day morning or evening. We have availability on weekdays and weekends as we ship currently twice a day. Perfect for a mom who might want to come in late after the kids go to bed or work for a few hours in the morning.
-Online Store Staff
We currently sell on a number of different venues. We need knowledgebale staff to create product listings, review inventory, and help us sell stock that we have on hand to all of the less fortunate that do not live near enough to travel to our store in person.
-Social media staff
We are looking for someone to work a few hours a week that would create newsletters, schdule Facebook posts, twitter posts, online blog adds, update store calendar, create class sign ups, and more. We are hoping that our new system will allow great ease in collecting data and sharing it with our valued customers. This person would have and understanding of the how we should market our store, our classes, and our brand. Hours would be flexible and could easily be worked around another job or school. We need Inspiration Station to be seen and our customers want to be able to rely on us to keep them up to date. Approx. 2-10 hours per week unless we find that sales and attendance are increasing due to employees efforts, then they could be increased based on need. This might be a perfect job for a tech savvy teen or college student that needs a little extra cash. We are looking for someone very responsible though, as anything that is created will represent our store. Do not apply if you are not a detail oriented person with a vision of how you can help us grow and get people excited about our upcoming events, new classes, and products that we sell.

Would you like to be a guest teacher? Here is what you need to know:

We are happy to host any guest teachers that would like to teach a class that they prepare. To request a class and find out more details, you can email us at the above address or mail in these requested items:
-Name of the class
-Cost of the class
-A photo of the finished project
-Supplies list for students to bring.
-Supplies that you used on project so that we may be able to order supplies to have on hand for sale. (we hope that you will be showcasing products that we sell in our store. Our customers are disappointed when they are unable to recreate something as supplies are not available for purchase. We also tend to charge very little/or nothing at all if we feel that product can be sold by holding the class.)
- time allotment for this class for scheduling
-max number of students required to hold the class and that can attend the class.
-preferred day/times teach based on your travel and class time.
-Cost you would need to charge for the class.
-list of any special requirements that you would need for the class (power strips, television, screen, etc.)
-if you have the ability to sell kits and how much you would charge.
-any prerequisites that they would need to have prior to attendance.
-We request a set of cards or project to use for advertisement that we would keep and use at our discretion after the class.
-We do not host classes for in-home sellers such as Stamping up during regular store hours. If you are a home seller looking for space after hours, hourly rates will apply for staff and building rental.
*If we schedule a class, additional items such as good quality photo jpg may be requested for advertising purposes.