Coupons and In store Rewards
In Store Loyalty Reward Program -- Frequent Shopper Punch Cards

We offer an Inspiration Station Frequent Shopper Punch Card when purchases are made in the Michigan store. We punch in $5 increments, on your pre-tax sale. This is for all regular priced merchandise. Pre-orders, special orders, sale items, classes, and services are excluded. Full punch cards are worth $10 in merchandise and can be used on your next visit. We do not offer rewards for online purchase or mail out purchases. Rewards are redeemed online and for phone orders by taking advantage of our free shipping over $40 option. That usually saves you 10-20% on each sale when taken advantage of for purchases.

If you sign up for our newsletter you will receive coupons and sale information as it is released. We have many customers that are unable to receive email newsletters so we are currently accepting Michael's and JoAnn's coupons in replacement. We accept them in the following manner:no matter the face value, they will only be accepted as 25% off one item. In addition, when a competitor coupon is used, the purchaser must purchase an additional $5 in merchandise. Competitor and Inspiration Station Coupons may not be combined. Only one coupon can be used per person per day, regardless of circumstances. Inspiration Station reserves the right to change the coupon policy at any time.

Double Punch Days
Come in and shop on Double Punch Day and receive double punches on your qualifying purchases on your Inspiration Station Frequent Shopper Card. Double punch days are listed on the store calendar.