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Inspiration Station Scrapbook Retreat

In the beginning, we were a small store, in a small town, with very little foot traffic. As we grew, we were a big store in a small town, with very little foot traffic. We decided early on to be vendors at hotel crops to get our name out there and show scrappers why they needed to make a trip to Ovid. 

We frequented large crops such as Boyne Highlands and Otsego Club. I'm not gonna lie, we were darn good at it. A few years ago, we made a difficult decision to give up the traveling life. Our store had become so busy that we were needed closer to home. The grueling packing and unpacking of the 17 foot trailer every weekend was taking its toll on us and our families. We sold the trailer and hung up our keys.

We found we didn't miss the heavy lifting of the crops, but  we did miss all of our cropping friends. We missed the atmosphere and the inspiration. So, out of that, a dream was born-- a compromise--a solution. We knew what a perfect scrapbook weekend consisted of, and we knew our store was a part of that dream.

So now, we are able to offer you all the comforts of a hotel crop AND one of the best scrapbooking and card making stores in Michigan. We hope that you find our crafting retreat dream to be your crafting dream too!

A commonly asked question is, how far is the retreat from the store? Well, it's about 8 feet. The store and the retreat share a wall. You come out the front door of the retreat our store is the next door to the right. If it's not raining, you can wear your slippers. It's that close. No car needed if you just need a piece of paper or a tape refill.

We must note also, that Inspiration Station Scrapbook Retreat is a wonderful option for other types crafters, especially quilters and sewers. We just happen to have a lovely quilt shop across the street, an ironing board, an iron, and a large cutting table on site. There isn't much in Ovid, Michigan....but we are kind of like a hideout for crafter's of all types. Come in and take a tour. We'd love to show you around.
Inspiration Station Scrapbook Retreat Ovid, MI
Our crop room has tall cielings and lots of light. This fun decor sits above the chair rail in the crop room. It sums up the decor of our retreat.