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About The Inspiration Station Scrapbook Store and Inspiration Station Retreat

Inspiration Station Scrapbook store opened in Ovid, MI in 2004.

Opening a store in a rural area was a difficult decision to make. We both believed that wonderful customer service, a large store with lots and lots of unique inventory, and a large cropping area would make it worth the drive for our customers. The addition of the Custom Die Cuts and the wholesale business in 2006 has helped us to make it though the economically challenged times in Michigan's economy. In Michigan seven years in business is a rarity for scrapbook stores. It is wonderful to have dedicated customers who will drive a little farther to buy products from us, instead of the big box stores. They keep us going. In return, we do not mark our products above Manufacturer's Retail suggested prices. This helps to make it worth the drive!!

The building that is home to Inspiration Station is over 100 years old. When we purchased it, it was in desperate need of some TLC. We worked for 4 months to create a homey atmosphere for our customers. New lights, new roof, new carpet, redone walls, a bathroom remodel, electrical and plumbing updates, and the monstrous task of renovating the antique tin ceiling. ( We found the ceiling hiding under the drop ceiling a few weeks before the store opened and decided to take a chance at bringing it back to life....and it is truly beautiful now. ) We are very proud to bring life back into our little town, and are so thankful of the Downtown Development Authority who has backed us through it all.

We purchased a laser machine and began creating custom lasers in 2006. Our customers love being able to have any title or overlay created in their specific colors and specifications. In addition we have been selling our lasers wholesale to other stores in Michigan and Indiana. The wholesale aspect of laser cuts has added to the daily duties and flavor of the store. Quite often you will find a table or two covered in die cuts waiting to be glued or bagged. But that just adds to the home like feeling of the place. (or at least that is what we like to tell ourselves!!) We continue to grow.

We opened our online business in 2006. Since the addition of Designer Sue Nelson, we have branched out to carry many of the products that she loves to use. Our online business is Sue's product head quarters. If you are viewing products online and would like to pick them up at the store, please call and have them held. Our inventory is ever changing due to sales both on line and in store. Although we continue to carry all of her products, they may not always be in stock and available for immediate pick up at our store location.We are always happy to order in any specialty products that we can. You can always call our store and talk to a familiar voice.

In addition, we are often found at various crops in Michigan throughout the year. We have a mobile store that we set up for large crops. Just about everything in our brick and mortar store is available off site. If you have a large crop and are looking for vendors, let us know. But be forewarned, we do require a lot of space to set up. (Approximately the size of 20, 8-foot tables.) Many of our racks on are on wheels. We have customers that follow us around from off site to off site because they love having our monstrosity of a traveling store available during the crop. We also print pictures and teach classes at many of the crops. If you are looking for a great off site crop, check out our upcoming crop events.

As a company, we strive to be a place where customers can come for Inspiration, fun, and a place that they can feel at home. Many arrive in their jammies and slippers to crop for the day...and that is just how we like it. We want to be that place where "everybody knows your name", and for many we are. We would love to be that place for you too!!

Feel free to bring your kids while you shop.
We all have children and/or grandchildren. They don't scare us!! (Usually!! wink, wink!!)

In 2014 we opened a 14 person overnight retreat house right next door to our store location. It is an amazing serene location for croppers, quilters, and other crafters. Rooms are available in singles, doubles, and triples for your convenience. You can rent by the room or for a secluded group event, you can rent the retreat in its entirety for a discounted price. For more information, photos, pricing, and availability, head to our
retreat website

About the Owners

Michelle: Michelle has three kids. Ages 15, 11, and 9. Two boys and a girl. She moved to Ovid in 2002 with her husband when he transferred jobs from the Detroit area. She holds a degree in International Business. She plays a creative role in the store making the page kits and doing the classes. She also does most of the product ordering, so you can always come to her if you are
having trouble finding something. In addition, she also does albums for people who do not like to do their own. You can contact her for pricing about album creation. Need a special photo blown up or made into a transparency? She also acts as the photo tech for the store. Her husband has been the website and computer guy since the store opened. Without his help, the store would be in a world of trouble!!

Connie: Connie has three children. Ages 15, and two 13 year olds. (Yes...twins!!) Two boys and girl also. She has resided in Ovid for most of her life. She has a degree in Finance. She is the books and organization side of the store. (She is the one who stops Michelle from spending too much money.) She also works with the reps and the stores for the wholesale die cut business. If you have any questions about "Inspirational Cuts" wholesale, you can direct them to her. Her husband has been the go to guy for all of our handy man needs, and for that we are truly thankful. The everyday needs are always met with a smile. By now we would have two working light bulbs if it weren't for him!!
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Believe by Whipper Snapper designs Grow Miracles by Whipper Snapper
1.5" x .7" (Width x Height)
Thanks So Much by Whipper Snapper
Why Limit Happy by Whipper Snapper Santa Define Good by Whipper Snapper designs Special Couple  by Whipper Snapper designs
Hope You're Feeling Better by Whipper Snapper Happy Hours by Whipper Snapper Sweetness by Whipper Snapper
1.9" x .8" (Width x Height)
Getting Lucky by Whipper Snapper Ike by Whipper Snapper designs Jackson by Whipper Snapper
It's a Boy Banner by Whipper Snapper
4.6" x 2.2" (Width x Height)
Eli and Frogger by Whipper Snapper Noah's Ark by Whipper Snapper